Jack 2

Jack 2
  • Nationality - Russian

  • Fighting Style - Power moves and mechanical martial arts

  • Age -5

  • Bodyshot
    Tekken 2 Story
    A refit of the original Jack,Jack-2 was on test in a battlefield situation when he stumbled upon a child.Jack-2 and his contingent of droids were being tested for their response to chemical weapons when he halted his troops and rescued the child.He fled the restricted zone.The thought of the child's life that he almost destroyed was stored in his on-board memory.

    He fought his way to the Akihabara pursued by the Soviet military,anxious that the secrets in Jack-2's programming are erased so as not to fall into the wrong hands.Via his satellite link-up hardware,Jack-2 became aware that his creator,Dr Bosconovich,has been kidnapped.He sets about a rescue attempt,ploughing through all competitors and stopping at nothing till the doctor has been located.Should he rescue Bosconovich,Jack-2 shall ask the doctor to implant memory chips enabling him to feel human reason and emotion.

    Tekken Appearances
    Tekken 2 and TTT

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