Ken "Godhand" Mishima

  • Nationality - Japanese

  • Fighting Style - Unknown

  • Age -26

  • Bodyshot
    Ehrgeiz Story
    Once a mercenary for Red Scorpion,Godhand decided to leave the organisation and take with him the knowledge of the hyper-ancient ruin.Resigning from the organisation meant cutting off one's right hand.As painful as it was,Ken did the deed then betrayed Red Scorpion by selling the information to a large wealthy syndicate group.

    Together they formed an excavation company to seize control of the hyper-ancient ruin in the Middle East.As part of his deal,he was devised a new right arm,plus was told the theory that the Ehrgeiz stone was the key to the door.He must become the champio and bear the sword!

    Ehrgeiz Appearances

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