• Nationality - Unknown

  • Fighting Style - Unknown

  • Age -Unknown

  • Bodyshot
    Tekken 3 Story
    Legend has it that Ogre was a powerful weapon left on Earth by aliens millions of years ago.It was discovered 15 years after the 2nd tournament by Heihachi's Tekken Force in an ancient American Indian ruin.Suddenly all contact was lost.Concerned,Heihachi travelled to the ruins to see what was wrong.When he get's there,all he finds are the bodies of his soldiers.Ogre killed and took the souls of some the worlds most powerful fighters.It is not known exactly who or how many were killed.The God of Fighting seeks all those with strong spirits so he can destroy them and steal their soul.It is drawn to the 3rd Iron Fist tournament by the strength of the fighters' souls,specially Jin Kazama's.
    Tekken Appearances
    Tekken 3 and TTT

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