Prototype Jack

Prototype Jack
  • Nationality - Russian

  • Fighting Style - Power moves and mechanical martial arts

  • Age -7

  • Bodyshot
    Tekken 2 Story
    After the first Rave War,the remains of the first prototype Jack unit (a first stage model of the final Jack model) was almost destroyed by Jack's rampaging combat abilities.Upon reactivation,P Jack complained that his alter-ego had received a refit,and repeated his plea til his fuel ran out.Now resting in Kazuya's laboratory,P Jack was left for months before a back up fuel supply reactivated him,and once again he began his constant pleas for a new look.To quieten him,Kazuya gave his captured scientist (Dr Bosconovitch) the task of remodelling the robot.With a cunning memory change,the doctor managed to convince P Jack that his new body afforded him superior protection to Jack's,despite it being only a hat and sunglasses.

    Kazuya is currently goading P Jack into a rage,claiming that the robot isn't strong enough to defeat Jack-2.This has lead P Jack to demand more programmed manouevers in time for the second tournament.Having repeated his fighting moves over an over (to such an extent that the doctor dis-connectedP P Jack's voice box),P Jack now feels his next encounter with Jack will have a much different conclusion!

    Tekken Appearances
    Tekken 1, Tekken 2 and TTT

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