• Nationality - Unknown

  • Fighting Style - Manji Ninjitsu

  • Age -Unknown

  • Bodyshot
    Soul Calibur Story
    n a time forgotten, there was a village of ninja, called the Manji clan, hidden away in the forests at the base of Mt. Fuji.

    One day, a lord who sought the power of the Manji clan invited its chief to his castle. Due to his advanced age the clan's chief sent the strongest warrior of the clan on behalf of him. As expected, the lord requested the allegiance of the Manji clan. But the Manji clan preferred to remain hidden in these troubled times and refused to join in the era's petty wars. After a few days stay at the castle, the fighter politely denied the lord's request and returned to his village.

    Upon his return he found his beloved village in ruins. The lord had prepared an army in anticipation of the clan's refusal to serve him. The reason the lord had stalled his request and forced Yoshimitsu to stay at the castle was to buy time for his ruthless ambush.

    "Either they shall serve me or I will strike down every last one of them! They are too powerful to remain uncontrolled. Destroy the survivor as well, though he may be the clans strongest fighter he is but one alone."

    The only remaining member of his once proud clan, he tried to devise a plan to avenge the deaths of his beloved clansmen as he fought off attacks from the lord's men. But he knew he could never match the lord's strength alone. His plan for revenge failed and in the lord's brutal counter attack he lost his right hand. All he could manage with his artificial hand was escape into a secret underground water vein only his clan knew about. Days of drifting in the cold and dark cavern reminded him of a tale of the ultimate weapon said to exist across the seas.

    "With this weapon of legend I could crush all my enemies! I never believed this tale in the past, but now I feel it may be the only way left for me!"

    Unable to shake the thoughts from his mind, he left to the west in his quest for the Soul Edge. During his travels, he heard the rumor of the Azure Knight and saw the remains and tragedies the knight had caused. He felt the despair, hatred, and desires for revenge born from the knight's evil and thought, "I can never give up my quest for revenge, but what is the difference between the lord and I, or the Azure Knight? What will be left after my bloody quest for revenge? Is this what the souls of my clan desire?"

    Something in the man called Yoshimitsu began to change.

    Soul Calibur Appearances
    Soul Calibur 1 and 2

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