Strategy : Part 1

- Jun TTT Movelist -


Arm Lock - 1+3

The majority of Jun's throws all have the same follow-up's.The most simple after the arm lock is a simple d+3 kick.Another alternative is to go for a 3+4.If the opponent rolls back they will eat both kicks and decent damage.If they tech roll,it may still hit or will put the player in a position where they need to block.Beware though as there is enough time to block and deal Jun a juggle starter as if she misses she is wide open.My final tactic is to go into her d/b+4_3~4.I'm pretty certain this is a guarenteed hit and can link into any of her infinity strings.ALWAYS use her infinity with caution!!!

Serpent Twist - 2+4

All of the above tactics work for this throw too.The infinity link can be a little more effective from this throw but I'd only advice a d/b+4_3~4 and leave the offense there.There's also a chance you could hit with a F+2 if they roll back but a good player will whiff it a mile off!

Cloud Taste & Wind Wheel - 1+3_2+4 side

Both of Jun's side throws are pretty effective though easily escaped.The above tactics all work fine.The WIND WHEEL will put quite a bit of distance between you and your opponent.After a CLOUD TASTE you can also get a sure hit FC D/F+2.

German Suplex - 1+3_2+4 back

There isn't a back throw in the game that isn't useful as they all do decent damage with some allowing you to buffer a tag on the end for more damage.Sadly,Jun get's a bad deal once again.Though her most powerfull throw,it only does a paltry amount of damage.Still as with all back throws,it has a perfect advantage.It is totally un-escapable!

White Mountain - d/f+2+3

Again,you have a guarenteed d/b+4_3~4 after this throw.Sadly,the damage for this throw has been cut down a LOT since Tekken 2 where it was Jun's top throw.A nice little trick I like to do for a little variety is after a SS+4,you can execute ANY throw (bar back throws) and although escapable,the throw attempt is a guarentee.Try popping this little throw in after a SS+4.

Cherry Blossom - b+1+2

In my opinion,Jun's best throw for a number of reasons.The best being it is her hardest throw to escape,requiring your opponent to press 1+2 to escape.The other lovely thing about this throw is that if you are teamed with Jin,Kazuya or Heihachi,pressing tag (5) during the throw tag's a partners headbutt on the end for additional damage.Plus it looks VERY cool.As above,this throw is guarenteed after a SS+4.

Sparrow Trap - b+1 CH

Opinion on this move is divided.Firstly,it only becomes a throw if it hit's on a counter hit with a possible FC D/F+2 follow-up.If you abuse this move,you're in da shit basically.It is pretty slow to come out and most of the time,unless you can really sense an oncoming high attack,it'll either miss or be blocked.I find that playing mind games a little and throwing this out randomly works best.It can be effective against wave-dashing too but it's not easy.

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