Strategy : Part 2

- Jun TTT Movelist -

Standard Moves

Left Jab - 1

With most characters,this is one of their best moves.Although it is still a very useful move for Jun,it is very slow and has little frame advantage compared to characters like Juila & Jin.Still,if it has a use,which it has,by all means use it.Very good for stopping lot's of attacks quickly.Also extremely usefull in her variety of juggles.An essential tool in battle.

Right Upper - 2

Although quite slow,this move does have some unique juggles as follow-up's.Like the Sparrow Trap,throw it into your attacks randomly and if you're lucky,it might hit.Also,regardless of who it hit's,this move will juggle ANY character.Exploit this fact!

Shin Kick - 3

Again,opinion is divided.It hit's low for near no damage and it comes out very slowly.It can be used as a surprise tactic to chip away at energy but for a quick low hit,your best bet is d+1 which is one of Jun's best moves.

Right Kick - 4

There aren't really many uses for this kick.It's got some nice follow-up's if it hit's on a counter such as a guarenteed f,f,+2 or d/f+1+2_F+2.It's only other use I can think of is in a juggle after a F+2 where it can lead to some damaging combo's.These are among Jun's toughest juggles to master but they are satisfying to land and not seen to often.

Left Uppercut - d/f+1

I love this move.This makes your juggles taste that little bit sweeter.It's quick,it's easy and's an uppercut.Chuck it into your juggles for a little variety.

Side Kick - d/f+3

I'm not convinced with this move.At best,it is an average keep-out tactic to but you some space but apart from that,it sucks I'm afraid :(

Toe Kick - d/f+4

Although it sounds like Jun has the most powerful toe in the world (and who am I to argue),it is an above average keep-out move.Very little range but it comes out quicker than the side kick.

Rising Upper - WS+2

Works very much like her right upper.All the tactics above will work off it.Does more damage off a counter hit (obviously.Doh).

Mid/Rising Kick - WS+4

Oh hell yeah baby.This rates with d+1 as the single most useful attack in your Jun game.Fast,easy,reliable.The perfect accompaniment after a d+1.You need this in your game if you're to stand any chance of a sucessfull game.Don't worry about over-using this move.If anyone moans,fart on em!

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