Tekken 1 Hints

Unlock Sub-Bosses

Complete the arcade mode with the initially selectable characters.Once you defeat Heihachi,that character's sub-boss will be selectable.Below shows you which sub-boss you collect with which character:-

Kazuya MishimaLee Chaolan
Paul PhoenixKuma
KingArmor King
Michelle ChangKunimitsu
Marshall LawWang Jinrey
Nina WilliamsAnna Williams

Unlock Heihachi Mishima

To obtain Heihachi,is a little trickier than getting the sub-bosses.You have to complete the arcade mode with a time less than 5 minutes,30 seconds.Also,you must not continue.The good news is that you can obtain Heihachi at any time.Even before the sub-bosses.

Going through the game with Heihachi also see's you fighting a slightly different roster of fighters.You fight the sub-bosses instead of the original roster.

Select Devil Kazuya

Once this cheat has been enabled,it will allow you to select Devil Kazuya.However,you can only use him in the arcade mode!Also,he has no different moves so is basically just a new texture map for Kazuya.Still,you do want ALL the secrets so here we go

To obtain the Devil,you have to complete all 8 levels of the Galaga loading game using a minimum of only 1 continue.The best technique is to learn all the patterns and complete the 1st level in less than 18 which will give you dual ships to make your task a little easier.

Below is a cheat to get dual ships in Galaga.Unfortunetely,you cannot use the dual craft cheat to obtain Devil Kazuya :-(

Dual Galaga Ships

Simply press and hold up, L1, triangle and X on control pad 2 as you switch your PSX on.

Names List in Aracde Mode

To bring up the Versus Mode names screen rather than the usual character select screen,press and hold L1 and R1 as you select Arcade Mode.

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