Tekken 2 Hints

Unlock Sub-Bosses

Complete the arcade mode with the initially selectable characters.Once you defeat Devil/Angel,that character's sub-boss will be selectable.Below shows you which sub-boss you collect with which character:-

Jun KazamaWang Jinrey
Nina WilliamsAnna Williams
Marshall LawBaek Doo San
Heihachi MishimaLee Chaolan
Paul PhoenixKuma
KingArmor King
Michelle ChangGanryu
Lei WulongBruce Irvin

Unlock Kazuya Mishima

To add Kazuya to your roster of characters,firstly,you have to have collected all the main sub-bosses available (see above).Once this is met,play through Arcade Mode with any sub-boss to get Kazuya.

To pick Kazuya in his purple tuxedo,simply select Kazuya with the Start button.However,you must unlock all the other secret's first!

Unlock Devil & Angel

To play as the final bosses,simply complete the Arcade mode with Kazuya.To select Devil,press either punch button.To select Angel,press either kick button.

Unlock Alex & Roger

To get Roger and Alex,you need to win the final round in the 3rd fight in Arcade Mode with a VERY low energy bar.About 5 points worth of energy left.If you do this,your next fight should be against Roger or Alex.Win against him and then complete the game.Roger and Alex will then be selectable.Ger Roger with either punch and Alex with either kick button.

Big Head Mode

To deform your character so that they have a big head and talk a little higher,simply hold down the Select button then pick your character.When the match starts,your character will look a little different.

To make your character look even crazier,hold Select button and pick the same character that you did in Big Head mode.You must select the same outfit for that character too.If the code has worked,your fighter will now sport an even bigger head and even higher pitched voice!

Sky High Mode

Using this code will initiate the super juggle mode.The code has to be entered almost in a reverse manner.For example,if you want to juggle the Player 2 side character,you must enter the code on the second controller.Then,wait until the Vs screen appears,then press Up on their controller.This will make your opponent bounce a lot higher when they are launched into the air.With this cheat,you can really come up with some cruel juggles!

Wire-Frame Mode

To activate the wireframe mode,hold L1 & L2 before you select your character in Arcade mode.Then select your character to fight in a new perspective.

For a reverse wireframe mode,enter the Practice Mode and hold down L1 & L2 on the 2nd controller,then select your character.You should now be facing head-on with your practise opponent.

Select Win Pose

To select your win pose,simply win your battle and then during the replay,hold down any of the 4 main buttons to see different win poses.Most characters only have 2 poses but some have as many as four.A lot of poses return from Tekken 1.

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