Tekken 3 Hints

Unlock Sub-Bosses

To unlock the sub bosses in Tekken 3 is a little different to previous games.This time,it doesn't matter which character you complete the game with,the bosses are released based on how many times you've completed the game.However,you must complete the game with a different character each time.Here is the release order:-

2ndJulia Chang
5thAnna Williams
6thBryan Fury
7thHeihachi Mishima
9thTrue Ogre

Unlock Gon

Gon,the first ever licensed character in a Tekken game,is the first of 2 other secret characters tucked away in Tekken 3.To release him,simply defeat him in Tekken Ball mode.There are a couple of others ways but this is by far the quickest and easiest method.If you want the more difficult option however,complete Arcade mode with Dr B.

Unlock Dr Boskonovitch

Okay,I'll make it official,Dr B is a c**t to get.Well,okay,perhaps not that difficult at all,but just bloody annoying in my opinion.Still,he is a totally unique character that needs a lot of practice to glean any kind of skills with him.Don't underestimate the doctor though!

To unlock him,you have to fight your way through the Tekken Force mode 4 times.The first 3 times,you will notice you gain a key.Once you have the 3 keys,fight through to the end and defeat Heihachi once more.When he is defeated,you will then challenge Dr B.Defeat him to complete your Tekken 3 character rota!

Unlock Tiger

Warning,this character has a huge Afro.Please use caution when selecting him.To unlock Tiger (an alternate Eddy costume),you must complete Tekken 3 with ALL characters and have their endings in the Theatre Mode.Once this condition is met,press the Triangle or Start button and watch Eddy strut his stuff in his flares and platforms!!!

Tekken Ball

You'll more than likely unlock this little baby by accident on your travels through Tekken 3.The 'official' way to get him,I think,is to complete the game with 10 different characters.Like I say,you'll more than likely unlock the Tekken Ball mode when you have the sub-bosses.

Theatre Mode

To enable the Theatre mode,unlock ALL the characters.That should include Gon,Dr B,Tiger and all the sub-bosses.

Unlock Extra Costumes

Simply play the required amount of games with the appropriate character to uncover their secret costumes.Below is a table of costumes available and how many games you must play to unlock them.

Jin KazamaSchool Uniform50 times
Ling XiaoyuSchool Uniform50 times
Anna WilliamsZebra print ourfit25 times
GunJackJack-1 fatigues10 times

Practice Mode Recording

When you're using the Practice mode,select Freestyle and hold down all 4 shoulder buttons then press Circle on the option screen.You can now record any set of moves you want to.Just press Down and Select to start recording then the same button combo to finish the recording and watch it back.

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