TTT Hints

Unlock Sub-Bosses

To unlock the sub bosses in TTT, simply defeat Unknown.The bosses are released based on how many times you've completed the game.However,you must complete the game with a different character each time.Here is the release order:-

2ndBruce Irvin
3rdJack 2
4thLee Chaolan
5thWang Jinrey
6thRoger & Alex
7thKazuya Mishima
9thTrue Ogre
10thPrototype Jack
11thMokujin & Tetsujin
12thDevil & Angel

Start with Partner

To start the match with your second character,simply hold down the Tag button and press Start.

Play as Gold Tetsujin

To play as a gold version of Tetsujin,play and win 10 matches against human opponents.On the 11th challenge,Tetsujin will be gold.

Play as Devil Jin

To play as Devil Jin,you must have Heihachi as Jin's partner.While playing as Jin,press Back & Right and Left punch,Right punchx2 then Left kick.Jin should now glow with electricity and if you look very close on his forehead,you can see a Devil marking.

While playing as Devil Jin,your attacks will be stronger.The one downfall is that if you are hit as Devil Jin,you will revert back to your ordinary status.

Special Devil Tag

Pick Devil and Kazuya on the same team.When you got to tag out as Kazuya,he will morph into Devil instead of tagging out.

Also, in the PS2 version of TTT, you can team Angel and Kazuya together, which you can not do in the arcade version.Sadly Kazuya doesn't change sex, he just tags out :)

Theatre Mode

The Theater mode will be opened straight after you complete the game for the first time.To unlock all the endings, you must complete the game.Whoever you picked as your first character,will determine the ending you get.

Some endings can only be gotten by playing throught the game in a characters specific costume.Examples are Xiaoyu in her school uniform and Kuma & Panda.

Tekken Bowl

You will unlock Tekken Bowl at the same time you unlock Ogre.

Score 200 points to enable the Jukebox option.This lets you choose which music plays as you bowl.What happens if you score full points? Sod all.No, it doesn't unlock Dr B.He is NOT selectable in TTT.However,have fun by bowling and knocking the doctor and the Tekken Force soldiers over.

Gallery Mode

You will unlock Gallery Mode at the same time you unlock Devil.Now, whenever you pause the game you can save a screenshot to your memory card.A neat little extra!

Change Unknown's Style w/out Tagging

Just press the Right Analog Stick on your control pad and you will change character.This can lead to some VERY interesting juggles ;p

Stage Select in Practice Mode

Highlight Practice Mode and press and hold the L2 shoulder button.Then tap the R2 shoulder button the required number of times for the stage you want.Below is a table showing which stage you get for how many button presses :-

1New Law Stage
2Light Snow Yoshimitsu Stage
3Ling Xiaoyu Stage
4Hwoarang Stage
5Lei Stage
6Ogre Stage
7Evening School Stage
8Evening Dojo
9Day Time Nina Stage
10Sunset Eddy Stage
11King Stage
12Heihachi Stage
13Day Time Eddy Stage
14Unknown Stage
15Old Law Stage
16Day Time School Stage
17Day Time Dojo
18Night Time Nina Stage
19Heavy Snow Yoshimitsu Stage
20Paul Stage
Info gathered from Tekken Zaibatsu

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